Corporate Concept:

Yeng Tat Electronics Co., Ltd. is organized by a group of enthusiastic people who have already been engaged in the field of ferrite industry with technical and manufacturing experiences. As a leading manufacturer in Taiwan, Yeng Tat is famed among the local & abroad customers on its renowned quality products. Output of the company has tripled since its establishment in 1977 and plant facilities & personnel consequently have doubled. In view of steadily growing orders flowing in from clients spread over Hong Kong, Korea, Unite State, South America and European countries, the company is always at the stage of expansion. As a response to all premier customers, the staffs of Yeng Tat are determined to proceed with a step forward to a even-higher goal of administration and quality level.

As one of leading specialist manufacturers in producing Ferrite Cores in Taiwan, Yeng Tat has obtained ISO 9001 certification since August 1998 for its Taiwan factory.

T he main products are Ferrite Cores made of Ni-Zn and Mn-Zn materials. On offer are PLANAR EI/EE, EI/EE/EF/EFD/ETD, POT/RM/EP/ER/ERC/PQ/EQ, UU/UI,T/TH/THP, R/RI/RID/RH/RWW ,SDRI/LDRI/DRI/SDRP/MSDRI/MLDRI/MSRIH, MH/MDR/DR/DRWW/DR3W/DR4W, Frame and Bar Core , and SMB Beads. Monthly production capacity is 160 tons for Ni-Zn Ferrite Cores and 100 tons for Mn-Zn Ferrite Cores.

Contact Details:

Taiwan Plant
Yeng Tat electronics Co., Ltd.
Key Contact:
Mr. Eric Lin (Sales Manager)

Oversea Office/Agent :

Service Office : Panyu of China
Attn : Ms. Joyce Zhang
Tel : (86)-20-84895899 Ext:9
Fax : (86)-20-84895899 Ext:3

Agent : Alliance Magnetics, LLC / USA
Attn : Mr. Martin Kuo
Tel : (914) 944 1690
Fax : (914) 944 1691

Quality policy Declaration:

Quality policy:
  1. Production to customer satisfaction.
  2. Management assurance to punctual delivery.
  3. Assisting customers in device of new production.

Quality Target:

  1. Enhance percentage of acceptable products.
  2. Reduce complaint form clients. 
  3. Raise customer satisfaction.
  4. Raise design & deserch level.

Quality Commitments:

Provide customers with satisfactory products at reasonable price.

The main product of the company is Ferrite Cores'. Above quality policy is stipulated in order to achieve requtation among out clients and fellow-traders who can be assured of our quality warranty throughout the process of material procurement, manufacturing and shipping of finished products.

All members of the company are requested to adhere strictly to and execute the three quqlity policies stated above. These plocies are set forth at prominent spots of the office and factory area with poster, hanger, and also sentenced to the public in the morning emmting of the company.

With the quality policies as quality guidance of our products, we aim to achieve the quality goal of 'Enhance percentage of acceptable products' and 'Reduce complaint form clients'.

No.25, Gongxing St., Shu-Lin Dist.,
New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.