• Quality approval

     As one of the leading manufacturer of Ferrite Cores in Taiwan . We obtained ISO 9002 certification since 1995, ISO 9001 certification in 1998.

  • Catalog

     New catalog for all series of SMT products have been published in January 2018.

  • Materials

    For RFID

     New Ni-Zn material: E9S, E4DS, E4S, E4K, E5S, E5K, with High "Bm" , high " Tc" and high " Resistivity" and better "Thermal Shock", could be very good alternative to some of Mn-Zn material. Normally it's necessary to have epoxy or parylene coating on Mn-Zn cores because their resistivity are lower.

     New "Lead Free" material:

    μi 15〜200: NE5K2, LF2D, LF3, LFQ6, LF6, LF12, LF20

    μi 1000〜2000: E6D, E6L, E6G, E10H

     New Mn-Zn materials :

    JF3 - Low power loss material (Similar FERROXCUBE 3F3)
    JF35 - Low power loss material (Similar FERROXCUBE 3F35)
    JP44 - Low power loss material (Similar TDK PC44)
    JP95 - Low power loss material (Similar TDK PC95)
  • Products

    We not only supply the standard parts, but also can supply customer-design products, which shares over 80% of our production.

    Our superiority is to supply clients with a variety of "Small Size Cores" for SMT application.

    1. Patent Cores (Patent for Metallization on the Shield Core)

       a)  MSDRI  :   China Patent No. ZL02230366.9 / Taiwan Patent No. 222266

       b)  MLIDR  :   China Patent No. ZL02230365.0 / Taiwan Patent No. 221523

       c)  MLDRI  :   China Patent No. ZL02230364.2

    2. SMT Cores

      a) DR Cores
    To meet the demand for smaller, thinner and more advanced features, we developed a series of drums for SMD Power Inductors. The smallest OD starts from 2 mm to 18 mm and height starts from 0.6mm to 10mm.
      b) Metalizing Cores ( MH & MSRIH & MDR & MDRI & MSDRI & MLIDR & MLDRI )
    For SMD Power Inductors on Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook and 3C application.
      c) DRI series Cores & SDRI series Cores & LDRI series Cores & SDRP series Cores
    For SMD Power Inductors on Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook and 3C application.
      d) ER series Cores & ERC Cores
    ER series cores are also available including ER9.5, ER11 & ER14.5.

    3. PQ EQ and I Cores.

    4. Planar Cores

        EE or EI type Cores without winding.

  • Technology

    Parylene Coating

    We have installed a brand-new coating technology- Parylene Deposition Equipment. The purpose of parylene coating is to get better control in thickness of coating and get excellent performance in Hi-Pot test.

  • 1. Batch Kiln

        For 10,000 i Mn-Zn cores & Low power loss cores.


    2. 2-Tunnel Kiln for Ni-Zn

        To increase 30 tons of  Ni-Zn cores capacity.

     Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries, we'll do our best to satisfy Your needs.


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